• inspire_logo_smDesign your own custom branded fundraising page in minutes at the Inspire Values Club website.
  • Next, drive friends and neighbors to your custom landing page by placing a unique link which you send via email, text, website, social site or any communication about your fundraiser.
  • Once at your custom landing page, friends and neighbors will be asked to donate $30 toward your special project. (No more door-to-door).
  • In return, the donor will receive a code giving them access to the Inspire Values Club where they can save thousands of dollars at local, regional and national merchants in all 50 states and a variety of categories including restaurants, retail and entertainment.
  • card_sampleAS A BONUS, the donor will receive a $50 gift card code to shop at which has over 8,000 products and 600 brands including: SONY, REEBOK, NIKON, NFL, CALVIN KLEIN, REVLON, MOVADO and more.
  • All for just $30 with over 60% of the net purchase back to support the organization with commissions being swept into your online bank account.